ASM Freight Service provides reliable Customs Clearance Services at most major UK airports and seaports, assisting UK importers with the clearance of their goods and products arriving from a Non-EU country.

Working in partnership with our own chosen partners at all of the ports, we are able to offer a “one stop solution” for any import clearance requirements you may have. We can provide free advice and guidance on the complex customs clearance process, from giving advice on documentary requirements to classifying your goods so as to obtain the correct commodity code or tariff heading and also helping you calculate and pay any import duty and/or import VAT to HM Revenue & Customs.

Whether you are a first time importer or someone that is importing on a regular basis

ASM Freight can be your one-stop customs clearance agent for any imports arriving into the UK. Complete UK coverage means we are able to quickly and efficiently handle the customs clearance of your goods, as well as even handling onward delivery of your goods to their final location once the cargo has cleared customs.

The advantages for you:

  • A single contact person for the entire process.
  • The option to connect electronically to transfer customs and consignment data.
  • Efficient international transport.

For further information on our clearance services, please call us or contact us via our website.