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Our comprehensive approach to LCL Sea Freight management ensures reliable, rapid shipment of goods in Heathrow, London Heathrow, Heathrow airport, Greater London, Oxford, Birmingham, Manchester, UK & worldwide. We run products in-house so that we control the cargo flow, transit times, costs and information accuracy.

We build a worldwide, independent LCL Sea Freight network focused on customers’ business objectives. Our network provides you with:

  • Connection to and from the main ports in the world for maximum flexibility

  • Cargo consolidation in our own warehouses so you can benefit from reliable process quality and company standards

  • Reliable transit times from any warehouse to any port within the world

  • The minimisation of cargo-damage risk through reduced trans-loading

  • Single point of contact for all your global LCL needs

If you have LCL cargo, let our company handle the move. With our years of experience in freight forwarding and our strong relationships with all major shipping lines, we are able to offer fast and cost-effective shipping. Never worry about missed deadlines with our ocean freight services we’ll get your cargo to its destination on time.

Benefits of LCL Shipping Include:

The most obvious reason for choosing LCL is because a shipment does not have enough volume to fill a standard container, but there are many other factors that may lead a business to choose this shipping method. Some of the top benefits of our LCL services include:

  • Lower Cost than Air Freight: For smaller loads, LCL is much more cost-effective than air freight and can still work with relatively tight deadlines. At the company, we work with our freight forwarding network to negotiate highly competitive pricing for your LCL needs.

  • Greater Flexibility to Meet Market Demands: LCL allows smaller businesses to transport the supply they need to meet consumer’s demands rather than shipping a larger quantity of inventory that may significantly exceed demand. Businesses can also change their product mix to meet shifting demands without wasting inventory.

  • Frequent Shipping: When demand is high for a particular product, businesses may not have time to lose gathering a large enough stockpile to make up a full container load. With LCL, it’s possible to ship goods quickly to respond to demand. In fact, our company is able to offer weekly ocean freight transportation upon request.

  • Works with Just-In-Time Model: Businesses that rely on a just-in-time manufacturing model to reduce inventory and improve the flow of goods often choose LCL because it allows them to ship just the parts or goods they need at regular intervals.

When you choose our company, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting all the benefits of our secure global network. We offer reliable shipping to just about every global destination imaginable.

We facilitate the shipping process from start to finish and take all the steps available to make sure everything goes smoothly and your goods arrive on time. With LCL freight, we strive to ensure that all goods sharing the container are in compliance so that there are no delays at customs.

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